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Originally Posted by mettled View Post
Why does the udm-style.js need to be commented out? Also, why do I still need the udm-custom.js? I thought the udm-style.css file replaced that?

My whole reason for wanting to have my menu controls in css is because I need to customize things further than what the udm-custom.js allows me to do.

Also, why does the generated css have "-0px" in it? Should I fix that to just be "0"?

Thanks for your help.
Well, I think that the scripts you mention are commented out / left in based on the css generator tutorial on this site. I don't think the css generator is designed to make the menu 100% css driven, it just provides an alternative way of reading the udm-custom.js file and making a CSS file instead.

As far as the -0px vs. 0px, I know there are some lines of CSS that are in there for cross-browser compatibility - not the super popular ones mind you, but for more of the obscure (less than 3% market) share types.
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