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Great. First open up both images in Photoshop. Next you'll have to shrink down the yellow image down to about 500 pixels because the flowered image is small.

Drag or copy and paste the flower image on top of the yellow image. In your layers pallete change the setting Normal to Multiply. That makes the top image 'merge' with the background image.

You can remove I Do, Ltd. with some patience I would use the Clone Stamp Tool (hit S on your keyboard) Sample the yellow color in the background by hitting option and click. Next click your mouse and drag over what you want to 'erase' with what you just sampled... If you've used the Stamp tool before this will be straightforward. If not this might take some more explaination. Just let me know.

Are you doing this for fun or do you plan on printing this out or using it on the web? I ask because the flower image is not a high enough resolution to hold up for print.

Make sure you aren't using a copyrighted image if you plan on using this for commercial purposes.
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