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Question Change border color of table for current row only

Hi, need help please!

I have a table within a table, the background color of table is blue to match the background color of my <td>.

but now i want onmouseover to change the background color of the <td> which i do but the row in between the colommns have a blue color.

<tr class="tbDetailNew">
<td width="8%"> </td>
<td colspan="6">
<table id="test" style="border:none; backgound-color:blue;" width='100%'>
<td onmousemove="style.backgroundColor = 'white';"do***ent.getElementById('test').style.bac kgroundColor = 'white';">

i get it to change the table backgound color but then it changes for all the rows within the table - i just want to the row i'm on.

Please Assist.
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