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Default A way to shorten the CSS

Hey, here is an example with links:Code:---------#mainbody .large a {font-size: 18px;}#mainbody .large a:link, .large a:visited {color:#60545a;}#mainbody .large a:hover, .large a:active {color:#AA4D4D;}---------I have so many things Im messing with I cant tell if that works or not :(
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Why would it need to be any shorter? Doesn't look like it can be shortened any to me. Just put it in an external css document so you won't have to keep scrolling past it. As for tinkering with the code what are you trying to do? I have a basic idea what the codes for and what would change what. The first {} is your text size, then there's the color for visited links, then active/hovered links. If you can't tell if it works put it in the document open it in your documents as an html file, and you'll bring up a sample of what the page would look like on the net. Get back to me if you have any more questions.
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