Two horizontal navbars, relative position, left alignment (two navbars)

This demo uses one of the following configuration files:

Javascript configuration (for ASP config add <% %> instructions and rename)
PHP configuration

And the following images:

There's also this HTML, for the second navbar:

<ul class="udm" id="secondNavbar">	<li><a href="/scripts/"		title="Original JavaScript and DHTML"	>Scripts</a>	</li>	<li><a href="/games/"		title="DHTML puzzles and games"	>Games</a>	</li>	<li><a href="/music/"		title="Original UK underground dance music"	>Music</a>	</li>	<li><a href="/cooking/"		title="Festival cookery guide"	>Cooking</a>	</li>	<li><a href="/library/"		title="Short stories, lyrics and photos"	>Library</a>	</li></ul>

And this CSS, to make sure the top-navbar menus go above it.

#secondNavbar { z-index:900; }

Please see Adding a second navbar for more details.