Credits and thanks

On this page, I'd like to take some time to thank those who've helped in the development of this menu. Some have contributed directly with feedback, suggestions or ideas; others indirectly, with support or inspiration.

People who helped develop UDM4

Ultimate Dropdown Menu was originally developed by James Edwards, a web-developer based in the UK.

First and foremost, thank you to Jason Davis, for a whole variety of suggestions, feedback, code and good energy.

Also to the following people, for their input or support during development and alpha-testing: George Chiang, Gabriel Pradiipaka, Shleppy, Michael Small, Gilbert Gallindo, David "liorean" Andersson, Jon Kale, Aftab Perwaiz, Mike King, Marc Urselli-Schärer and Mark 'Tarquin' Wilton-Jones.

Great resources

Two web forums have been of tremendous help, so our thanks to all at and

Two people we've never met

And finally for inspiration, I doff my hat to Mark Newhouse and Eric Meyer - the former for his seminal ALA article Taming Lists, and the latter for his pure CSS menus, which between them pioneered the use of unordered-lists for navigation.


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UDM 4 is valid XHTML, and in our judgement, meets the criteria for WAI Triple-A conformance.