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Default Issue with expanding multiple nested levels menu

SO here is my problem....

I am using the Expanding Menu, with Multiple nested levels.

its working fine. perfectly fine, but i have one issue.

Anything I place underneath the menu, does not get moved downwards with the rest of the menu. Anything i place after the last <ul> tag gets put underneath the menu.

Almost as if the menu is on top, floating in some way.

What can I do, to make it, so that content I put after the menu will correctly move/scale with the menu as people open an item?

An example: I have a picture at the end of the menu. I want it to move down as the menu expands.

I found a bad fix, by placing HTML right before the last <ul>

Content shows up and scales with the menu. But if try to link anything, it takes on properties of the UDM menu.
So its not really working out yet, because i need to create normal links.

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Post a link to your site so we can have a look at it.
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I seem to be answering all my own questions...

I found the solution to my problem.
With the expanding nested menu, the config file (*.ini for php, *.js for html) has a css position attribute in there. It is set to 'absolute' by default. I just had to make it 'relative', and everything worked like a charm.

//navbar orientation
$um['orientation'] = array(
	'vertical',	// alignment ["vertical"|"horizontal"|"popup"|"expanding"]
	'left',		// h align ["left"|"right"]
	'top',		// v align ["top"|"bottom"]
	'absolute',	// positioning ["relative"|"absolute"|"fixed"|"allfixed"]
	'0.5em',		// x position ["em"|"ex"|"px"|"0"]
	'0.5em',		// y position ["em"|"ex"|"px"|"0"]
	'1000'		// z order ["0" to "10000"] (menu takes 20000 headroom)
Change the parameter above to relative, and it works~
I was stupid not to think of this earlier.
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